Client: Ilex Press

Project: Lead author to produce a non-fiction practical guide for amateur, enthusiast and professional landscape and meteorological photographers, covering the philosophical, artistic, and technical aspects of the genre.

As the lead author on this highly successful landscape photography book aimed at amateur, enthusiast and professional photographers alike, I was responsible for sourcing, writing and image collation for around 75 per cent of the content. Commissioned by Ilex Press, the book has enjoyed strong sales throughout Europe and North America.

About Photographing the Elements

All landscape photographers have at some point endeavoured to capture the truly awe-inspiring power of nature, whether its the effects of the earths volcanic nature, or the power of a terrifying storm whipping through the mid-west, or the majesty of the Severn bore. This book describes how you can find and capture all of natures most dramatic conditions, including flowing volcanic lava, tornados, cloud formations and crashing waves. The book is divided into chapters tackling each of the ancient elements, and further divided into specific events. For all of these extreme conditions, there is a complete photographic guide, with practical advice on camera care (and safety), photographic advice on exposure and composition, and processing advice that will make your picture stand head-and-shoulders above the competition. There is also a chapter on creating the best quality prints, showing and sharing them, finding a buyer for them, and a gazetteer of locations so you can follow in the photographers footsteps. Wherever you tread, this book will help you make your photos more exciting, from the weather in your back yard to your pictures of that trip-of-a-lifetime youve been planning.